Photo Courtesy of Dana Laymon Photography

For almost 20 years, a small family farm in the North Carolina foothills has been growing some of the finest Peonies in the world.

A perfect combination of climate, rich red soil and specialized cultivation produces magnificent flowers with long, robust stems and exceptional blooms. Previously available only through wholesalers and a small group of local and national retailers, the time has come to showcase these unique flowers to a wider market.

The Wrenn family now invites you to learn about their peonies and join their select clientele.

welcome peonies
who are we?

Benjamin Wrenn developed his passion for horticulture at an early age. As a young boy, he would spend hours at his mother’s side watching her dig, plant, weed and care for her beautiful flower gardens. This love of nature and working the land would always be with him.

Peonies In The Coolers

Rows of bulbs were meticulously planted, carefully tended and Ben’s dream began to bloom. His daughters, Heather and Nancy, inherited the Wrenn passion for flowers and the family enterprise blossomed. As the seasons passed, it became obvious that these peonies were something special. Attention to detail, not volume, continues this tradition of excellence. Every stem is hand cut, individually graded, hand bundled and immediately placed in cooler for shipment. Each step of the process is carefully monitored so every peony shipped is a flower of superior quality.